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10 March 2010

The Healing Powers of Oxygen Treatments

Oxygen produces an immediate well-being and energetic sensation. Main importance is that it increases skin micro-circulation and oxygenation of the tissue. High pressurized injection of mixture,oxygen and serum. The actives will penetrate to the deepest level of the dermis. Excellent with Vitamin C Serum for age spots and expression wrinkles. Oxygen is essential to proper healing of bodily tissues, whether it's the skin, or muscles. In most cases, the act of breathing combined with a healthy network of veins and arteries provide enough oxygen for the body tissues to heal. However, in certain circumstances, oxygen treatment is used to substantially increase oxygen flow within tissues to improve healing. Oxygen Treatments used for: Crush Injuries: complications of crush injuries, such as from motor vehicle accidents, falls...etc just to name a few. By increasing oxygen delivery to injured tissues, oxygen treatments reduce swelling, improve healing and help fight infection. Problem Wounds: Wounds may fail to respond to standard care because of low oxygen levels and impaired circulation. Foot ulcers in diabetics are one such problem. By increasing oxygen levels within the wound tissues, therapy promotes healing. Anemia/Blood Loss: In cases where a patient can't accept a blood transfusion for medical or religious reasons, sufficient oxygen delivery (via red blood cells) might be compromised. Oxygen treatments will increase the oxygen content of existing red blood cells. Intra-cranial Abscess: A sinus infection may form an abscess within the body. antibiotics may be ineffective and white blood cells require a minimum oxygen level to kill bacteria. Treatment provides oxygen for white blood cells and inhibits bacteria that need low oxygen levels to grow. Soft Tissue Infections: These are serious infections- in which tissue is dying- that may be complicated by conditions such as diabetes or vascular disease. While primary treatments are removing the infected tissue and administering antibiotics, oxygen may inhibit bacteria from growing and enhance the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria. Radiation Therapy Complications: Chronic complications of radiation therapy used to treat cancer may result form scarring and narrowing of the blood vessels. Oxygen treatments allow more oxygen to reach these damaged areas and help prevent issue form dying for lack of blood and oxygen flow. Skin Grafts: The success of transferred skin grafts or flaps (which might include skin, deeper tissue, muscle and bone) is largely dependent on sufficient oxygen supply to the affected area. Oxygen treatment can be used to saturate the area with oxygen before and after grafting. Burns: Oxygen Therapy is sometimes used to treat burns. Oxygen therapy reduces swelling, limits progression of the burn injury (which continues 3-4 days after the initial injury) and may diminish lung damage from inhalation of heat and smoke. Oxygen Facial~ $110. Oxygen is a life-sustaining element. With oxygen, we have more energy, metabolic function and regeneration occurs. Oxygen infused into the skin reduces the appearance of expression aging, dehydrated skin and fine lines. During this treatment, you will receive cleansing, toning, exfoliation, face, neck, arm and hand massage, concentrated molecular oxygen together with vital skin nutrients are sprayed onto skin, assuring that delivery occurs in it's purest, most energizing and vital form. * Oxygen Mask Treatment additional $50. Sage Skin Spa 945 Spring Street Suite 1 (Bates Plaza) Paso Robles, Ca 93446 805-674-1341


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