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25 March 2010

Ten cleansing foods for daily detox.

1. Organic, leafy green vegetables.
Raw or cooked, greens like kale, collards, spinach, bok choy, and broccoli are packed with chlorophyll, which helps eliminate toxins and protect the liver. Lightly diuretic greens, especially watercress and arugula, work with the liver to flush out toxins while their rich minerals keep you strong.

2. Daikon.
This peppery root looks like a large white carrot; it's packed with vitamins and minerals to stimulate weight loss.

3. Lemon.
A rich source of vitamin C, lemon helps convert toxins into water-soluble form so they are easily flushed from the system.

4. Garlic.
Garlic activates liver enzymes that help filter out toxins. It also stimulates circulation and contains antibacterials that help the body to cleanse efficiently.

5. Whole grains.
Unprocessed grains are excellent sources of soluble fiber, which mops up toxins and strengthens digestion so you assimilate nutrients more effectively.

6. Green Tea.
Loaded with catechins, which improve liver function, green tea is the perfect detox brew.

7. Broccoli sprouts.
While all sprouts aid the body in breaking down fats, broccoli sprouts contain the most cancer-fighting enzyme-stimulating compounds.

8. Cabbage.
A potent anti-inflammatory food, cabbage powerfully activates both types of detox enzymes in the liver.

9. Fresh fruit.
Although high in simple sugars, the fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants in whole fruits trump that downside any day.

10. Water.
When all is said and done, if you aren't properly hydrated, all your cleansing efforts will be compromised. Eat lots of water-rich plant foods and drink at least eight glasses a day for optimal health.

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